The Practical Man: Sitting in an Armchair by the Beach since 1994.

Who is The Practical Man?

A band from Cincinnati, Ohio USA. The Practical Man started to take shape in 1991, and was mainly active from 1994 through 1998. The four guys in the band were Tom Brennan, Mark Griffin, Dave Hester, and Scott Jeynes.

What kind of music did you play?

Some kind of alt-rock-pop-eclectic feast for the ears. Tom says it sounds like there are four or five bands in there.

Who is singing/playing/pontificating on this track?

Check out the complete album credits.

Where is the city in the CD artwork?

It's a terrific model made by Cincinnati artist J.D. Biggs. We miss you, Dan.

Is your CD still available?

At the moment, yes it is.